Precision Technology

Crossover Drives Inc. makes the toughest most durable wrap spring clutches available. We make drop in replacements for most major competitors.


Crossover Drives leads the industry in providing the best product warranty and service


Industry leading quality and value for all our wrap spring clutch and clutch brake products


Crossover Drives offers wrap spring clutches and clutch brakes design and engineering services

Wrap Spring Clutches and Clutch/Brakes

We manufacture and sell the full line of CB, Super CB, PSI and SAC style wrap spring clutches and clutch/brakes. We offer affordable drop-in replacements for most other manufacturers (like Deltran and Warner?), including any special features.

What's New?

Crossover Drives has recently engaged in a multi-year re-engineering effort relative to the design, testing, manufacturing, and assembly of our wrap spring products. The result is dramatically improved life cycles for all of our products. We have bench tested our clutches against other manufacturers and generally exceed cycle life by 25%. We are dedicated to providing the best wrap spring clutches available. If you haven't tried us lately, you should Now!!!!